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   Someday is Now

      Someday is Now

A Quick Look Back…

In 1976, our founder, Joel Blumberg, left GTE directories to start a yellow pages consulting agency. He named the agency Ad-Vantage, and began to build a customer base that still remains with us today.

In 1979, Joel obtained CMR, (certified marketing representative) status. This gave Ad-Vantage the ability to place white and yellow pages advertising on a national basis, allowing Joel to widen his customer base to regional and national brands.

By the early 1980’s, Joel started to build his administrative and creative team, and each decade thereafter we’ve established a team with over 250 years of collective experience and knowledge.


We are—an advertising marketplace and a business philosophy. We often hear that the newest way of marketing is highly complex and confusing. We disagree. We believe that the new ways of marketing are challenging and exciting, and only as complex as you need them to be. We’re moving forward because, “Someday is now.”

As more marketing options have become available, we’ve quickly learned that there are no one size fits all solutions; however our experience has enabled us to strategically price together a package that works specifically for your business.

Our mission has never changed—empower our team to believe in who they are, what they do, and to create a vision for our customers, so their businesses can achieve their goals.

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